For Couples

  • Love Rekindle Ritual For Couples from $409 | 559

    If you would like to enhance the flame of passion and rekindle your love like never before, we recommend this romantic ritual for lovers and for those who are looking to fall in love all over again through a personalized massage in a specially decorated cabin. Enjoy some private time with sparkling wine and chocolate-coated fruit for a perfect closing.

    TIME 50 | 80 min.
    PRICE $409 | 559
  • Peaceful Paradise of Love Spa Experience For Couples from $469

    Enjoy a wonderful honeymoon experience. Indulge together in the privacy of our luxurious spa suite for couples; with personalized facials, followed by a relaxing aromatherapy massage. The ultimate in romantic experiences for you and your loved one.

    TIME 80 min.
    PRICE $469
  • The Soul Connection For Couples from $459

    Connect more deeply with your soulmate in total harmony and tranquility; where mind, body and spirit interweave and strengthen like the roots of a tree, in a profound and sensual state of relaxation.

    The couple’s ritual starts with a soft exfoliation to cleanse the skin and prepare each one to receive the benefits of a scented massage with firewood fragrance wax. The soy candles burned during the ritual, turn into an aromatic liquid wax certified for massages with healing properties, aloe and vitamin A and E.

    TIME 100 min.
    PRICE $459

Spa Schedule: 7 AM - 7 PM | Ext. 6261 & 6262
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All prices are in US Dollars includes 16% taxes and a 12.5% gratuity spa, Additional tips are welcome but nor required. Prices are subject to change without prior notice. Prices in Mexican pesos may vary due to daily exchange rate.