What's Puerto Vallarta Like: Month by Month

If you love the beach and the hot weather, you'll find your place in Puerto Vallarta; but if you're more into the cold, you can also find a time to visit. Puerto Vallarta offers an incredibly diverse range of activities, culinary experiences, and all sorts of fun. There's no way you can go wrong when planning a visit to this unique city!

Puerto Vallarta in January  

Average Temperature: 62° – 83° F

January has great temperatures and pretty much no rain, so it's a terrific time to visit. Although waters are a bit on the cooler side if you are looking to take a swim or surf, so you will have the chance to ride the waves or go on a prime-time excursion to watch humpbacks and their babies, along with whale sharks. If you are an experienced surfer, go straight to the north end of Sayulita beach and get the biggest, fastest waves! But if you are still learning and looking for tamer waves, stick to the south side of the beach. If you want to check out a pretty unique event, attend the Vallarta Yacht Club Cup and celebrate with all the participants after each day of racing.


Puerto Vallarta in February

Average Temperature: 61° – 84° F

Puerto Vallarta in February comes with warmer temperatures and less chance of rain, which is ideal for surfing and watching baby humpbacks at their most active. This month is every surfer's dream as the Sayulita festival takes place, and music, movies, and a great time are on! Camping is an option if you want to go on a lower budget, but check out any booking you might need for different events a few months in advance.

If you want to take a hike and explore the exotic Mismaloya jungle or the Botanical Gardens, this is the perfect time to do so! You won't have to worry about rain, excessive humidity, or heat beyond what you can handle. Pro tips: go ziplining through the canopy and have the time of your life, or go snorkeling or diving and you'll probably make new manta ray and whale shark friends.

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Puerto Vallarta in March

Average Temperature: 62° – 85° F

Take advantage of the calmer waters during the early hours to see humpback calves frolicking with their newly acquired skills. If you wait until the end of the month, you can probably catch a couple of baby whales still hanging around as they are starting to move onward. You can also go ahead and walk down the beautiful Malecon and have a romantic night out. It's a good idea to do so when temperatures are reasonable, and you might even need a light sweater.

If you are into sailing, Banderas Bay Regatta takes place in March, yet another super fun event filled with sailboat races by day and partying by night.


Puerto Vallarta in April

Average Temperature: 63° – 86° F

Probably the busiest month if you are traveling to Puerto Vallarta. April is excellent if you want to enjoy the liveliest time of the year and hop around parties. With warmer weather and not a cloud to be seen, spring breakers will be living it up everywhere in town. Perhaps not the best time to take a family trip, but enjoyable if you are thinking of taking some time off to enjoy yourself with a couple of Tequilas. Be prepared to pay top dollar at this point. Don't forget to visit Playa de Los Muertos to catch a glimpse of luxurious cruisers passing by in the distance.


Puerto Vallarta in May

Average Temperature: 68° – 88° F

The weather in Puerto Vallarta is starting to heat up, and the sun is pretty intense, so don't forget to wear some serious SPF at all times! Hop on a yacht and have a few Mimosas while you effortlessly glide between the now calmer waters. Not the best time for surfers, but definitely a great time to indulge and pamper yourself by staying at one of Puerto Vallarta's top-notch all-inclusive hotels.

Vallarta Pride is a big deal! It is the premiere LGBTQ++ destination in Mexico. Through nine days of the festival, May features many activities, including a huge parade, drag derby, beach parties, film festivals, live music, and dancing. It's quite the event, so be sure to book in advance if you want to attend! The Romantic Zone is the hub of all the activity around this celebration.


Puerto Vallarta in June

Average Temperature: 73° – 90° F

June is paradise in Puerto Vallarta for swimming, snorkeling, and diving! The waters are very warm and perfect for a day of fun. You can take a private snorkeling tour to Los Arcos or snorkeling in Hidden Beach on the Marieta Islands; visibility underwater is at its best! Although heat and humidity are pretty intense, diving into the ocean will eliminate those two problems. Another great option is to go out to Banderas Bay, where, escorted by a marine biologist, a small group will boat to find bottlenose dolphins playing in the waves. You will learn about these wonderful mammals, connect with them, listen to their communication, and take a dive for a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you will never forget.


Puerto Vallarta in July

Average Temperature: 73° – 92° F

Rainy Puerto Vallarta is astounding, and it's highly recommended you don't shy away from what July has to offer. While the weather conditions are not suitable for certain activities, you can definitely enjoy a side of this city you may not have thought of before. Sign up for a distillery tour and go tequila tasting; this is a unique opportunity to learn how this delicious Mexican drink is made! You can also check out or partake in the great Banderas Bay fishing tournament. Get your rod and set out to catch colossal marlin and tuna. You will definitely enjoy this activity and could even take a big prize home!


Puerto Vallarta in August

Average Temperature: 73° – 93° F

The rainy season is at its peak, but fear not, Puerto Vallarta has a lot to offer with or without showers. Schedule a cruise and candlelight dinner show. Maybe take a taco walk (yes, you read correctly, a taco walk!) and indulge in the mouth-watering delicacies that Mexico, and only Mexico, holds for you. It's a well-known fact that Mexican food is serious business. You won't regret going down to Puerto Vallarta and booking a Food and Mixology Tour. Take an umbrella, and you'll be good to go!

If you want to switch it up and do something completely different, check out Punta Mita Beach Festival. This unique two-day festival is filled with things to do. It includes an underwater treasure hunt, paddleboarding, windsurfing, and a couple of days of fun and activities suitable for all ages.


Puerto Vallarta in September

Average Temperature: 73° – 92° F

This month's definite highlights are flat waves, warm water, and excellent underwater visibility. Airfare and hotels are at their lowest, and you can definitely enjoy Puerto Vallarta more intimately due to it being less crowded. If you are a daredevil, go on an ATV tour along the Sierra Madre! It can get muddy, but you'll be in for an adventure you will enjoy to the max. Check out the beautiful view from the mountains and take advantage of the uniquely attractive photo opportunities you'll have! You can also celebrate Mexico's Independence Day on the 15th in true Mexican fashion by going downtown and letting loose for a couple of hours with tequila and some authentic street Mexican food.


Puerto Vallarta in October

Average Temperature: 72° – 92° F

The first half of October is very much like September, but the second half picks up quickly as the skies begin to clear up and rain recedes. Surf is good down in Sayulita and San Pancho. Shoulder season is here again, so travel is very affordable, and sportfishing is high during this month. Most excursions are at their lowest prices, and it's a very recommendable time to travel with the kids. You can check out Halloween!


Puerto Vallarta in November

Average Temperature: 67° – 90° F

November can get pretty hectic with Day of the Dead, the International Gourmet Festival, and the International Fishing tournament. This is high season at its best, and you'll have to book your stay with some anticipation, but you will enjoy every second of your visit. The surf is picking up again, the weather is looking good, and humpback whales are about to start arriving to Puerto Vallarta. Go ahead and plan for a trip during this month; you won't be disappointed by the variety of activities available!


Puerto Vallarta in December

Average Temperature: 64° – 86° F

Christmas in Puerto Vallarta is an exceptional experience. Not the cheapest time to visit, but one of the most amazing for sure! Sunset cruises are sailing, humidity is not too high, surfing is thriving, and Banderas Bay is filled with humpback whales looking to mate. The spirit of Christmas is flooding the streets, and posadas are on the way. The food is absolutely spectacular and moving onto New Year's Eve, you'll witness the preparations that culminate in a beautiful celebration. Fireworks will color the skies above the ocean, the weather is delightful, and your whole family can celebrate together. Spend Christmas down in Mexico, and you will never want to leave! Book in advance and celebrate in Puerto Vallarta.

Puerto-VallartaNow that you know what Puerto Vallarta looks like month by month, pick your favorite activities or choose a new adventure. Once you try Puerto Vallarta, you're sure to fall in love with every inch of it and come back. This city will always be waiting for you with open arms!