Hydrotherapy Ritual

Our unique hydrotherapy circuit with incredible panoramic views of Banderas Bay, is one of the highlights at Spa Imagine, making it peerless among luxury spa resorts in the area.

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Healing H2O

Healing H2O Steam, bubbles, heat and tranquility

  • Steam Room

    This marble steam room is both elegant and functional; it will open up the pores of your body and encourage the elimination of toxins through the pores of your skin.

  • Sauna

    Spa Imagine’s sauna is decked in a soft pine finish and has partial ocean views to help you relax.

  • Pressure Massage Shower

    After your time in the sauna you can cool off in a state-of-the-art shower which will pummel the tension from your shoulders and back.

  • Six-Cycle Vitality Pool

    The six mini massage stations in our warm water pool are designed to target different areas of your body: the feet, shoulders, lower back, upper back and full body.

  • Cold Plunge Pool

    The ice cold plunge pool will be an invigorating shock to your system. See if you can last more than 2 seconds!

  • Large Whirlpool

    Nothing quite relaxes the muscles like steeping in a large Jacuzzi. Spa Imagine’s large whirlpool is level with the panoramic views, so you can unwind with the clouds and birds.

Our journey towards optimal well-being and balance within the body can be aided with the correct combination of hot and cold stations during Spa Imagine's hydrotherapy ritual.

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Wellness Journeys

Wellness Journeys Hydrotherapy rituals tailored for well being

Spa healing experts recommend that you alternate between hot and cold stations when enjoying hydrotherapy circuits in order to obtain the greatest benefits

Silently affirming a positive mantra or phrase of your choice while you bask in the areas of your choice can really help you to get the most out of the experience.

Me-Time Mini Circuit

“I honor myself and my time”

  • 10 Minutes steam room, Sauna or hot tub
  • 90 seconds tepid Pressure Massage Shower
  • 3 Minutes rest and hydrate with chlorophyll
  • 10 Minutes 6 Cycle Vitality pool

Duration: 25 mins approx.

Soothing Middle-Way

“My mind is calm and peaceful”

  • 10 Minutes steam room or Sauna
  • 3 seconds ice-cold plunge pool
  • 5 Minutes rest and hydrate with chlorophyll
  • 5 minutes hot tub with or without jets
  • 90 seconds tepid Pressure Massage Shower
  • 5 Minutes rest and hydrate with water
  • 10 Minutes 6 Cycle Vitality pool

Duration: 40 mins approx.

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