Imagine Suites

Designed for soothing and healing

Fully customized therapy rooms which provide bespoke experiences for every client to ensure comfort at this Puerto Vallarta spa resort.

Personal Balance

Therapy suites designed for soothing and healing

Leading the ranks of the most plush luxury spas in Puerto Vallarta, at Spa Imagine we know just how important it is to have the right environment for you to totally abandon your worries and stresses while enjoying a range of spa treatments. For this reason, our luxury hotel spa has fully customized therapy rooms which provide bespoke experiences for every client. Between state-of-the-art therapy tables and the idyllic views of both the ocean and jungle from the fifteenth floor, Spa imagine is well-equipped to ensure your comfort at this Puerto Vallarta spa resort.

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Tailored Pampering

Well being emanates from corner to corner

The atmosphere of each Spa Imagine therapy suite is modelled after one of the chakras, which are the energy centres in the body that can be activated or soothed to aid healing and energetic alignment.

The spa treatment suites are adorned with reference to the precious stones and colours which are connected to the chakra after which they are named.

The rooms carry the name of the sounds which are attributed to each of the seven chakras: LAM, VAM, RAM, YAM, HAM, SHAM, and OM. There is also an eighth suite called AURA.

Solo Therapy Suites ​​​​

The suites LAM, VAM, HAM, SHAM and OM are luxurious individual spa treatment suites designed to optimize healing, relaxation and comfort. You will find that our expert, respectful and sensitive staff will help you to open your minds eye and reach new planes of bliss and relaxation.

  • Bespoke luxury spa treatments and experiences
  • Automated state-of-the-art massage table adjustable for height and comfort
  • Curtains that close by remote control
  • Sensitive room temperature control
  • Respectful and sensitive therapists with years of experience
  • Leading spa products carefully selected for their effectiveness, textures, aromas and natural ingredients

Lavish Speciality Suites

The three specialty suites which are available at our hotel spa are reserved for unique Spa Imagine experiences, which include couples massages and romantic packages as well as for spa retreats, bridal parties, VIPs or other special services.

RAM: This spacious couples massage suite has two-state-of-the-art massage tables, a luxurious private shower and area for foot ritual.

YAN: This suite is extremely elegant and is perfect for couples on pamper days, or small groups who wish to relax together. Its private jetted hot tub, two day beds and shower make it a very relaxing space.

AURA: The Aura suite is uniquely designed to suit brides-to-be and VIPs along with their entourage. The plush suite has a tear-drop bath, a shower, a large sofa and chairs for well-wishers and, of course, a state-of-the-art massage table.

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